Hydrogen-Charged Water 

The Mindful Water Bar

Drinking water is one of the best, effective, and natural ways to enjoy vibrant health and longevity. 

Embrace optimal wellness with our hydrogen-charged water. 


Our environment has changed. There are thousands of chemicals in our reservoirs and aquifers. There are two ways to completely clean water, distillation or Reverse Osmosis. We use Reverse Osmosis as it provides a steady flow. Next we re-mineralize and energize for your health .  


A recent study found 240,000 pieces of plastic in a liter of bottled water. Support your health and the environment by reducing single use plastics.

 Swing by and refill / trade out your reusable water containers at our store.


Molecular Hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant. Our water is rich with hydrogen. It is the small bubbles you see in our water and indicates freshness. 


The better your water tastes, the more likely you will drink it. Our water is delicious. 

Hydrate yourself and your loved ones with our fresh-tasting, clean, mineral-enriched, H2 infused water.

 Drinking hydrogen water is one of the best, effective, and natural ways to enjoy vibrant health and longevity.

Contact us today for more information on how our hydrogen-charged water treatment can help you! 

Our Story

Water is essential to life. We are 60-70% water by volume and 99% by molecular count. 

The good news: we are drinking more water. It is now the #1 volume bottled beverage in the US. Why? Bottled water tastes better and is better for you than most tap water. 

The bad news: water is now shipped all over the world, it is expensive, most of us are still dehydrated, and our oceans and landfill are overwhelmed by the volume of plastic.

Mindful Waters' goal is to help solve some of those challenges.

Our Water Bar was built to produce the best water possible. We optimize the local water supply, cleaning and purifying by reverse osmosis. This process removes particulates, toxins, microplastics and minerals leaving nothing but H20. Next we re-mineralize with essential Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium ions. The water flows from our taps, further enriched by thousands of hydrogen bubbles.

 Hydrogen may be the best antioxidant there is. We use refillable containers and prefer glass for purity. 

Our water tastes fresh and clean, it will re-energize you, and perhaps best of all, it is affordable. With our 3-5 gallon containers you will have enough water for your entire household.

How it Works

Hydrate yourself and your loved ones with our fresh-tasting, clean, mineral-enriched, H2 infused water. 

 We work to offer affordable pricing

Email us to sign up or find out more!


$20/glass gallon

Purchase one of our 1 gallon, 3 gallon or 5 gallon glass bottles. We also have a selection of attractive dispensers to hold your bottles. 

When you purchase your bottle it comes with a top and filled with our water. Please keep the top with the bottles as it is a part of your purchase.

Mindful Waters' goal is to provide the best water possible while making it easy to reduce plastics in our environment and in our bodies.



Bring your Mindful Waters bottles back to the store conveniently located in Northvale NJ right on the NY border. 

We will clean and refill for you or, you may even be able to save time and "switch out". Call or text ahead and we can get things in motion for you. (201) 367-1733

For the best experience and biggest boost to your health, make the most of your trip, join the spa, and enjoy a service while we refill your bottles



Become a Mindful Waters Water Bar  Member today! The ultimate in convenience and delicious water.

Expand your use of healthy water to your cooking and cleaning and enjoy refills from the water bar in your MW glass bottles.

Credit card required, and card will be charged monthly. Cancel at any time

— Loren Eiseley

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water."





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