The Studio @ MW

The Studio@MW

  • Community Space 

  • Right Next Door: Unit #1

Our large inviting studio boasts a suspended Marley dance floor creating a clean warm environment, beautiful resonate sound, and is easy on the joints. 

We offer a variety of classes and events to nurture your body and soul.

Our weekly classes include Yoga, Breathwork, Functional Movement, and Qigong. Monthly we host Full Moon Sound Baths, a Chakra Exploration Series and Wim Hof Fundamental Workshops. We also host guest speakers where we can learn about personal growth skills and techniques

Connect w/ Alicia

Connect is a low impact strength and mobility class using light weights and functional movement. 

Alicia has been in the fitness and wellness industry for 10 years. She is a former professional cheerleader and trainer for Tracy Anderson 
  • Alicia Markuske

Kundalini w/ Morgan

Kundalini is an ancient practice to connect with and release the primal spiral energy within. 

Morgan has been practicing and leading yoga and kundalini sessions for 10 years. She is an artist of nature and a mother of two beautiful children
  • Morgan Zelmer

Sound Bath w/ Lulu

Sound Baths are a meditative experience where you are bathed in sound shifting you into parasympathetic state

Lulu is certified in sound therapy. She has been practicing and teaching Qigong, Yoga and other energy healing modalities for 15 years. Lulu is the mother of three children.
  • Lulu Orrock

Wim Hof Method


Learn the three pillars of the Wim Hof Method, Breathwork , Cold Exposure and Mindset and build your practice with our community. 

Amy Hyde is a Certified Level 1 Wim Hof Instructor. As an athlete, executive and business owner I have found the method to be powerfully healing for myself and others.
  • Amy Hyde

Wim Hof

Wim Hof is a Dutch extreme athlete who developed a method using Breathwork, Cold Therapy and Mindset to to connect to your inner strength. Through partnerships with prestigious universities and scientists Wim has participated in studies and research to identify what is happening in his body that allows him to achieve these outstanding feats. Wim believes that we all have the ability and more inner power than we might think.

The Wim Hof Method 

The Method combines intentional Breathwork, Cold Therapy and Mindset to to connect to ones inner strength. We can introduce to the method and help you commit to and grow your practice.

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