Water has Consciousness

Water is Life, Water is Alive and Water has Consciousness..,

Could this be possible?

In his 2004 New York Times best selling book, The Hidden Messages in Water, Masaru Emoto described his findings that water absorbs energy and forms crystal structures reflecting that energy.  Beautiful sound and emotions create beautiful organized "snowflakes". Dirty, Ugly, and Angry sound or intentions create fractured and uneven structures. Emoto was able to illustrate his findings through electron microscope images shown below. 

Emoto's Water Experiment


Emoto may have been the first to present some pictorial evidence but his theory was not new to him. Ancient cultures have added crystals to their water for the purpose of cleansing and adding goodness. The Lakota, speak to their water and ask for understanding and help. Below is a short video from a lovely Navajo Grandmother and Activist, Pat McCabe explaining one of her communications with water.

"Speaking to the Water with Pat McCabe"



It seems to me truth or not in practice much makes sense. Good intentions do seem to have a way of spreading. Adding crystals or some positive thoughts and vibrations to your water seems to be worth a try.

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